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We have started working on E-Book Typing Project in the beginning of 2008 and we expect to complete whole project by the ending of the year 2036.

E-Book Typing Project

Audio to Text conversion

E-Book Typing Project is simple typing work. Conversion of Physical books into Digital Books.

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Audio to Text conversion

Audio to Text conversion

(Vacancies not available at this time)

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Project Information

We are working in six stages.

Stage 01

Scanning Books. (Office Work)

Stage 02

Allocate Pages. . (Office Work)

Stage 03

Type Pages (Typing Project) (Work from Home)

Stage 04

Analysis submitted Work (Office Work)

Stage 05

Convert in E-Book (Office Work)

Stage 06

Publish E-Book (Office Work)

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No Deadlines for any original Works. No time limit to complete any work.

Yes. We are Providing One Extra chance in Level 1 and Level 2. For Level 3, 4 and 5, we are providing Two Extra chances to correct rejected Projects.

Yes. We are providing detailed accuracy report in original works to correct it and submit it in extra chances.